KCEPL has a mission that dates back to the early when one man set out on a mission with a venture of global trading activities on international basis for buyer and seller business gradualy grew and became globle. The Company added diversified trading activities of various commodities and became one of the good trading house in india.

Our vision is to have to promote various products for import and exports from india and international markets. KCEPL deals in International trading and distribution activities of various products. KCEPL has made tie-ups with international major and domestic consumers to minimize the hassels that ultimately result in cost advantage to everyone. The suppliers are regular from reputed maufacturers in IRAN, QATAR, OMAN, UAE, USA, EUROPE, SOUTH AFRICA, UK, SINGAPORE, SOUTH EAST ASIA. KCEPL is becoming the most trusted name in the world of 24/7 global economy.

KCEPL has its registered office in india for trading activities and have further expension programme to open office in overseas.The chemical division deals with the number of industrial users by importing and distributing various Chemicals, Solvents and Polymers, KCEPL is active and has become most trusted name in the supply and service amongst the major chemical users all over the length and breath of india. The customers chain includes e.g. Drugs, Pharmacuticals, Plywoods and Laminates, Formaldehyde, Soaps and Detergents, Paints and Thinners, Resins & Plasticizers, Footwear, and Cosmetics & Toiletries etc....

KCEPL is expanding beyond its traditional core business of global trading of agro-commodities to utilize the company's long standing, close wording relationships with some of the professionals and industrieal house around the world.

KCEPL has made tie-ups with international majors of chemical industry to minimize the hessals and ultimately cost advantage to everyone. Our suppliers are regular and are in bulk from reputed manufacturere in IRAN, QATAR, OMAN, UAE, USA, EUROPE, and SOUTH EAST ASIA.

KCEPL is dedicated to

Reduction of cost with out compromising the quality maintain leadership in chemical sales and Marketing, Logistics & Excelent in supply chain management.

KCEPL is confident and looking ahead to explore every opportunity in the growing global economy.

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